Entry #20

3D Modelling and me

2012-12-22 02:59:39 by TheNAkos

Now days I am really into 3D modelling. I use Blender for that and I try to learn as much as I can on my own. The good thing in 3D these days... it is easy... Back when Toy Story was a new thing creating beautiful 3D animation and rendered images was a dream even for game developers (just watch Final Fantasy 7 CG movies). Now it is simply a possibility a tool of artistic freedom for anyone who take a little time to learn techniques. And we even have free tools for this. Like Blender or even Google SketchUp.

As seen IN THIS GALLERY with a really small knowledge I managed to make basic yet nice images.

And also I have VIDEOS

This is my latest one. I created this as practice. This is a Homestuck fanart. If you read HS you will understand. If not, then just watch it for the concept.


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