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3D Modelling and me

2012-12-22 02:59:39 by TheNAkos

Now days I am really into 3D modelling. I use Blender for that and I try to learn as much as I can on my own. The good thing in 3D these days... it is easy... Back when Toy Story was a new thing creating beautiful 3D animation and rendered images was a dream even for game developers (just watch Final Fantasy 7 CG movies). Now it is simply a possibility a tool of artistic freedom for anyone who take a little time to learn techniques. And we even have free tools for this. Like Blender or even Google SketchUp.

As seen IN THIS GALLERY with a really small knowledge I managed to make basic yet nice images.

And also I have VIDEOS

This is my latest one. I created this as practice. This is a Homestuck fanart. If you read HS you will understand. If not, then just watch it for the concept.

New GUI on my site

2012-09-15 09:05:29 by TheNAkos try it out :)

New Website

2012-07-15 06:08:16 by TheNAkos

I created a new design to my website. It is a command promt now. Easy to start with it, just type help for help :P

Here you go


2012-03-06 02:39:19 by TheNAkos

Yay I played Aboboy's mini adventure! It really worth the donation!

Full Abobo series is all about LOVE! Everybody should play it! :D

Heart Solitaire

2012-02-14 10:41:16 by TheNAkos

And I finished the Valentine's Day game! It has medals. Check it out ^^

Valentine's Day Game

2012-02-12 03:25:52 by TheNAkos

For Valentine's Day I create a little game. Nothing new, but I am really proud about its design even if I hate Valentine's Day I am happy I can create and design a game for any event. Even if it is out of my interest. This way it is a bigger challenge! So yeah I will submit it at Vday.


2011-09-07 08:10:27 by TheNAkos

I have a new twitter account: CLICK

Its about my stuff on internet (what a surprise).

Funny little thief :)

2011-08-20 04:14:45 by TheNAkos

selgomezloves was kindly stole one of my old flashes.

This is clearly mine. As my name is at the end and I remember I created it. I never wanted to upload it here because it isn't a great flash. Low score it get is proof I was right. So i only uploaded it to deviantART in 2009. I really don't understand why steal something that doesn't even worth stealing and why claim it was his work. First time I used whistle function for stolen work.

Sad little troll :) What is internet without you? :P

Space Portfolio

2011-08-06 16:00:11 by TheNAkos

I made my portfolio in space art style. It features my photography, my websites and flashes here on Newgrounds, It was fun to make, because I learned lot about Photoshop. I made the Yzahkin star and planets in PS trial based on a tutorial.

The tutorial showed the basics and I made it as I wanted to look like :)

Communist Nyans rule the world!

2011-06-28 03:06:18 by TheNAkos

After I made Soviet Nyan Cat, DizzyDoug seen it and he made one too, with an other perspective! It is awesomely fun! Its like a soviet propaganda movie!